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Wade’s latest creation, ‘We,’ is his first solo effort since his college years. His skills were honed post-college for many years in the San Francisco Bay Area, with his band, the basics; and ‘We’ has grown out of his life experiences over the past four or five of his 12 years in Durham, NC. Recorded at the Second Story in Durham, Wade’s own project studio, ‘We’ is a collection of original songs and particularly relevant covers that span a range of musical styles, while keeping a foot firmly planted in the singer-songwriter tradition that he connects with most. The songs travel through a moving journey of divorce, isolation, questioning, grace, remarriage and connection that have been part of Wade’s life over the past several years, and the songs evoke memories of songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens, and Peter Himmelman, and even bands like REM and U2.

Wade has worked as a record producer for the past 14 years, and has also worked with a church community in Durham called Emmaus Way since 2005. Many of his songs have developed as a musical journal from conversations that are a regular part of life and gatherings there. Wade produced a musical liturgy entitled Emmaus Way Rite 7, and a Christmas project called A Rite for Advent. Wade lives with his wife, Denise in Durham, and they own and run the Second Story, as a place for musical expression and creativity.